For 'Crocodiles' at Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, I made the online trailer, which features hand-knitted puppets!
I designed the poster illustration for digital and printed media, including bus stop size posters in and around Manchester.
Also, I animated content for the production, in After Effects, to be back projected live on the set and appear on an old TV.
I assisted in Set Design, to make hand-crafted props and a small scale seaside town model, which pops up from under the stage.
Producer: Royal Exchange Theatre / PINGNG Productions
Director: Ng Choon Ping
Writer: Lee Mattinson
Director: Ng Choon Ping
Set Designer: Sarah Beaton
Lighting Designer: Matthew Haskins 
Sound Designer: Dominic Kennedy
Video Design: Gillian Tan
Illustrator & Trailer Animator: Moira Lam
Knitter: Mrs. Broom

IMAGES: Moira Lam & Sarah Beaton

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