I was Video Animator for French/Japanese opera "Neige" at Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg.

Visual content was created in London beforehand, working in Photoshop and After Effects.

The story recounts the adventures of a 19th century haiku poet who comes across a blind painter, a tragic samurai warrior and a French tight-rope walker.

This multidisciplinary opera featured five soloists, a small female choir, a dancer and a tight-rope walker. The orchestra included a large taiko drum and a glass-harmonica, which were integrated into the design.
Inspired by Japanese brush painting, the projections and stage scenery played with a language of lines, evoking the imagery of tight-wires, both the calligraphy and the act of writing Haiku, as well as incorporating the surtitles, to create a simple and striking aesthetic.
Composer / Director / Librettist: Catherine Kontz
Conductor - Gerry Cornelius 
Assistant Director - Keiko Sumida
Set & Costume designer: Ellan Parry
Video Designer: Timothy Bird
Video Animators: Phoebe Halstead, Daniel Denton & Moira Lam
Lighting Designer - Kristina Hjelm
Calligraphy - Misako Okuyama

IMAGES: Bohumil Kostohryz

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