Award-winning actor and director John Malkovich makes his London theatre directing debut in the UK Premiere of Zach Helm’s gripping play Good Canary, at Rose Theatre, Kingston.

Set in New York, Good Canary is a hard-hitting production exploring the spiral of addiction, self-destruction and the cost of creativity.

Three large LED screens project various painterly backdrops. Unsettling washes of green, blue and orange have an effective, expressionist ability to convey sickly emotional states, amplifying the heroine's neuroses. Text also gets projected: hastily scribbled to-do lists or, in one scene, illustrating unspoken dialogue.

Drug-fuelled cleaning binges become cartoonish displays of mania, replete with comedy sound effects and Alice in Wonderland shifts in size and perspective; freak-outs in public are realised with terrifyingly exaggerated laughter and Munch-like animations climbing the walls.
Director: John Malkovich
Design: Pierre-Francois Limbosch
Projection Advisor: Timothy Bird
Assistant Video Supervisor: Gillian Tan
Assistant Video Designer: Moira Lam

IMAGES: Mark Douet

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