DAME TU AMOR music video for Milena Sanchez.

"This song is so so personal and important to me, it reflects a time where I felt scared and stuck between 2 very different relationships. I unexpectedly fell in love with someone that I was afraid to love freely because of society, fear of judgment and having to fully come out but I want everybody to know that as long as you’re not hurting anybody, love who you want to love and your happiness only belongs to you."

Milena Sanchez - Milena Sanchez
Toxic Ex - Amor de Dali
New Bae - Shannon-Leigh Samuda

Director: Poonam Chauhab
Producer: Ragav Mukerji
Assistant Director / Editor: Abu Dumuya
DoP: David Witchell
1st AC: Arthur Attenborough
Gaffer: Justis Bernard
Production Designer: Moira Lam
Colourist: Simon Stolland
MUA: Vaneza Londoño
Stylist: Rachel Williams
Assistant Stylist: Francesca Chiara
BTS Videographer: Lauren McCollin
BTS Photographer: John Renait
Production Assistant: Jasmine Duxbury

IMAGES: Milena Sanchez

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