December 1st 1958. Waring Hudsucker, president of the giant Hudsucker Industries, has just thrown himself from the 45th floor. The business world holds its breath. But the board of directors has a cunning plan: put an idiot in his place, depress the stock price, buy up all the shares and make a million! And they’ve found the perfect proxy: a clumsy, big-hearted goof with some hare-brained scheme to reinvent the wheel.
Only Norville Barnes may not be quite as stupid as he looks…

'The Hudsucker Proxy' is a timely take on corporate greed, based on the Coen Brothers’ wise-cracking romantic comedy.

I was Video Illustrator creating artwork by hand and in Photoshop.
Directors: Simon Dormandy & Toby Sedgwick
Video Designer: Timothy Bird
Video Illustrator: Moira Lam

IMAGES: Clare Park, Moira Lam

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