Greenford High School in London promotes a groundbreaking toolkit called 'CyberMentor PLUS’, which supports a wonderful mentoring scheme to tackle cyber-bullying. A film with the same name was created to spread awareness and aired during AntiBullyingWeek.

The brief was to create striking imagery, turning a simple interview approach into a visceral, visual journey that explores the causes and effects of cyber bullying, as well as the goals an benefits of the Cyber MentorPLUS programme. By featuring real CyberMentors telling us in their own words how it is, the audience will build a true picture of what’s involved and why it’s important.

The shots are a combination of interview and sequences of the students as they interact with the mirrors and reflections.
As production designer and had the fun job of sourcing and playing with mirrors, shooting through textured glass and prisms, using light and shadows to create shapes, essentially illuminating the issue.

It was a pleasure to make this film with CyberMentorPLUS founder Mubina Asaria and Media Trust.
Director: Laura Evers Johns
1st AD: Pratyusha Gupta
Production Assistant: Takia Kinsey
DoP: Sara Deane
Focus Puller: Marcus Albertsen
Camera Assistant & DIT: Maggie Stanaszek
Gaffer: Nic Britt
Production Designer: Moira Lam
Art Department Assistant: Elena Frangiamore
Sound Recordist: Julia Hardecka
Colourist: Chris Bell

Shivani, Cameron, Rishika, Mariam and Isha - the young people tackling cyber bullying.

IMAGES: Laura Evers Johns

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