Spoon the Prune is an online comedy sketch show about some of the queerer things in life!  
Created by Almond Tree Productions, a team of 95% women and 50% LGBTQ cast and crew!
Writer / Director: Alice Trueman
Creative Co-Producer: Hannah Almond
DoP: Emily Almond Barr
Producer: Lizzie Wilkinson
Production Designer: Moira Lam
Costume Maker: Jessie Huckin
Production Assistants: Djosefin Maurer, Frida Stavenow, Matthew Maude
Camera Assistants: Clarice Henry, Sam Harris
Sound Recordists: Ben Wilton, Taz Fairbanks, Louise Bryce, Jorge Martines
Post Sound: Iida Aino
Editors: Alice Trueman, Zach Ellams, Amber Saunders
Composer: Kerry Leatham
Theme tune: Tom Rosenthal

Hannah Almond, Anna Martine Freeman, Isaura Barbé Brown, Joseph Adelakun, Lydia Rose Bewley, Sapphire McIntosh, April Small, Shaw B. Grant, Beth Park, Maisie Turpie, Pete Wells.

IMAGES: Burcin Or & Almond Tree Productions

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